Multi-Level BOM Viewer

Multi-Level BOM Viewer

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The Multi-Level BOM Viewer allows you to view and edit production BOM lines of both types (Item and Production BOM) in tabular and tree-diagram views. The viewer also displays extended availability information for each component item that can be filtered by location and date range to inform replenishment.

  1. Navigate to Multi-Level BOM Viewer in Business Central.
  2. Set the following fields as needed:
    • Production BOM No. (minimum required field value to retrieve production BOM lines)
    • Date Filter
    • Quantity (test output Quantity that component and availability projections in the viewer are based on)
    • Location Code
    • Item Display
    • Demand Calculation (set to “Include Page Quantity” to include the Quantity column value in the component demand calculation)
  3. Select the BOM line and modify the following fields as needed:
    • Type
    • No.
    • Description
    • Quantity per
    • Unit of Measure Code
    • Routing Link Code
    • Position
  1. Select Diagram View to open a tree-based diagram of the production BOM structure.
  2. Select a node in the diagram to edit the production BOM line corresponding to that node.
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