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The Standard Count application can be used to perform inventory counts on your handheld if you have not purchased the Advanced Inventory Count add-on. Standard Count allows you to interact with the Physical Inventory Journal in Business Central. If you have purchased Advanced Inventory Count it should be used instead of Standard Count.

Standard Count can be used to perform directed inventory counts.

  • A directed count occurs when a physical inventory journal batch is used after calculating the expected inventory in Business Central. The warehouse employee using the batch has a list of bins and items to count. If the employee counts an item that does not exist in the batch, a new line will be added for that item.


When performing a directed count—meaning you have calculated the expected inventory in Business Central prior to performing the count—you must set the Qty. (Phys. Inventory) to 0 for every line in the batch before starting the count. This will allow you to enter the quantities on your handheld.

This guide assumes that you are counting inventory in a location with bins. If you are not using bins you may skip any step that refers to them.


Standard Count does not support lot or serial number tracking. If you need to count lot or serial numbers, please consider purchasing the Advanced Inventory Count add-on. For more information, see Advanced Inventory Count.

  1. From the WMS Express home screen, select Standard Count.
  2. A list of physical inventory journal batches will be displayed.
  3. Select the batch you want to use with a double-tap on the batch or by tapping the batch and selecting Menu > Choose—or, if you have a physical keyboard—tapping the batch and pressing Enter.


You can filter the list of batches by entering some (or all) of the batch name in the filter field.


  • The Menu button will be replaced by the hamburger button if your handheld uses the Android operating system.
  • In Business Central, the journal batches must have a Posting No. Series defined and the No. Series must be blank.
  • WMS Express is designed to be used with a barcoding system. You will often be prompted to scan a document, bin, or item. If you do not have a barcode to scan, and there is no way to manually select or enter the required information, you can simulate a scan by typing on your device. For more information, see Simulate a Scan.
  1. Scan the barcode of the bin you want to count in. If you do not have a barcode you can select Menu > Enter Bin.
  2. Scan the barcode of the item you want to count. If you do not have a barcode you can select Menu > Enter Item—or, if the line already exists in the batch—you can manually select the item with a double-tap on the item or by tapping the item and selecting Menu > Change Quantity—or, if your device has a physical keyboard—tapping the item and pressing Enter.
  3. Enter the quantity counted.


If the batch already contains the counted bin-item combination, the line will be updated. If the entry does not already exist a new line will be added to the batch instead.

  1. Once the items have been counted select Menu > Close.
  2. In Business Central you can now review and post the batch.
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