Restricting Work and Machine Center Views

Restricting Work and Machine Center Views

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The graphical scheduler by default. It’s going to be showing you all of your work center groups, work centers, the machine centers inside of your system. If you’d like to restrict which work centers and machine centers you’re seeing, you can do that in the view this can be used to help prevent accidental operations. So, for example, perhaps a supervisor for the Assembly Department shouldn’t be dragging operations to the packing department.

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Then you can have a view restricting that just for that supervisor. Let’s see that in action. So we’re going to navigate to view, choose, edit and if you don’t yet see the work center filter in machine center filter, simply click the show more. So we’re going to add a filter just to the Assembly Department. Click. Okay, Close. And then just refresh the screen.

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And now we’re only looking at work centers in machine centers that are part of the work center group. Now, a supervisor cannot accidentally drag and drop to another work center group.

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