Scheduling Rule Card

Scheduling Rule Card

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The MxAPS Scheduling Rule Card page allows you to define the parameters, processing order, and rule logic of a scheduling rule. Scheduling rules define the way operations of production orders are sequenced within each production cell to create a pick list for the scheduling engine. The parameters of the rule are considered attributes of the operations on production order routing lines.

The scheduling rules are hierarchical and considered in ascending processing order. For example, if you create a rule using Due Date in an ascending sequence with processing order 10 and then Operation Number ascending with processing order 20, the system first organizes production order operations into groups or buckets based on ascending due date, and then sorts by ascending operation number within each bucket’s due date.

Scheduling Rule Card Tooltips

Field/Control Name FastTab or FactBox Caption Tooltip
Code General Code Specifies a code that defines the scheduling rule.
Hole On Parameter Code General Hole On Specifies the point of indifference for the hole algorithm.
Scheduling Rule Code MxAPS Scheduling Rule Details Scheduling Rule Code Specifies the rule code this parameter applies to.
Processing Order MxAPS Scheduling Rule Details Processing Order Specifies the order this parameter is processed in. A lower number is processed before a higher number (e.g., 10 before 20, 20 before 30, and so on).
Rule Logic MxAPS Scheduling Rule Details Rule Logic Specifies a code that defines the logic for evaluating this parameter.
Parameter Code MxAPS Scheduling Rule Details Parameter Code Specifies which scheduling parameter is being evaluated.
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