Use Quoting Items

Use Quoting Items

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Quoting Items allow you to generate configured items for quoting purposes with the user only requiring a Team Member license or for make-to-order production orders and assembly orders without creating new top-level items each time. The base item defined in the Configurator Item Category is repeatedly used as the quoting item and the specific configuration details are stored in the Configurator BOM Details for reference.

To use Quoting Items, the following configuration is required:

    1. Go to the Configurator Setup and set the following:
      1. Configuration ID No. Series: Specifies the number series to use when assigning configuration IDs to the quoting items on sales quotes and orders.
      2. Convert Quoting Item Behavior (specifies how the configured quoting item is converted into an item) options:
        1. Always on Make Order: Automatically converts quoting items to items when sales quote is converted into an order.
        2. User Action Only: Prompts the user to convert quoting items to items when sales quote is converted into an order.
    2. Go to the Configurator Item Categories and set the following:
      1. Configured Item Type: Quoting Item
      2. Quoting Item No.: Specifies the base item number used when configuring the quoting item.

When configuring items from the Sales Quote or Sales Order after the above configuration is complete, the user can select a quoting item configuration from the Configurator Item Categories. When the user finishes the configuration and the configured item is added or updates on the sales line, the item uses the Quoting Item No. specified in the Configurator Item Categories as the item number on the sales line and stores the configuration details in the Configurator BOM Details with reference to the Configuration ID generated from the Configuration ID No. Series specified in the Configurator Setup.

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