Set Up Facial Recognition

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Set up facial recognition

The following instruction show you how to complete a basic setup for facial recognition.

  1. Ensure your webcam is compatible with windows (if the webcam works with the Windows 10 Camera app, it likely works with ours).
  2. Configure your simple time clock to connect to the Shop Floor Insight service instance.
Note: Do not proceed until the first two steps are complete.
  1. Navigate to the Shop Floor Authorization Types page in Business Central
  2. Locate and enable the authorization type called FACE.
  3. Input “enablefacerecognition” in the Custom Flags
  4. Start the simple clock (IW.TimeCollectionModule.TimeClock.exe ).
Note: If the previous steps are done correctly, you now see camera feedback. If you see camera feedback without a square following the face, the “enablefacerecognition” step is missing.

With the facial recognition enabled, you can see a box that follows the face. Instructions may also appear (e.g., please step closer).

Train a face to an employee

Ensure you have completed the Set up facial recognition section before beginning this section. To train a face to an employee, have the training barcode printed and complete the following at the terminal:

  1. Scan the employee badge.
  2. Scan the training barcode.
  3. Step closer to the terminal if prompted.
  4. Wait until the training percentage progress bar completes.

Once you have finished training a face to an employee, facial recognition allows you to clock in.

Note: When using the terminal, follow the prompts on the screen (e.g., Move closer to the terminal if “Please step closer” appears; look directly into the camera if “Please look directly into the camera” appears).
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