Overriding Base Application Events via Design

Overriding Base Application Events via Design

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There are three important steps in overriding a base event. Here is an example of how you would remove the print dialog after creating a License Plate in the WHI Ship app.

Create a custom event

  • In Business Central, search ‘WHI Application’, select Warehouse Insight Application list
  • Find the application you are interested in modifying, in our case it’s WHSE_SHIPMENT_DOC, open the application.
  • On the Menu ribbon select Design.
  • Find the function/method you want to overwrite. In our case it is ‘When a License Plate is Stopped’.
Warehouse Insight Application Designer
  • You will want to mirror this function in your own application so take a screenshot.
  • Navigate back to the Warehouse Insight Application list and create a new application.
  • Give your application a meaningful Code and Description. In my case it will be called ‘MY_CUSTOM_CODE’.
  • On the Menu ribbon, again open the Design. You will notice the designer is empty.
  • Create a Custom Event by dragging its associated puzzle piece from the left side bar under ‘Events’ onto the white board.
  • Name the event using a meaningful name, remember this name for later. In my example it is ‘Custom Override’.
  • Complete the event as you see fit, in this case we are just duplicating the base event we saved in the screenshot earlier and leaving out the printing portion.
Warehouse Insight Application Design
  • Once you’re done, click Save

Create a Warehouse Insight Application Override

  • In Business Central, search ‘Application Overrides’. Select the Warehouse Insight Application Overrides list.
  • Create a new override as seen in the image below.
    • Enter a Code and Description that is meaningful. In my case I have entered ‘MY_APP_OVERRIDE’.
    • In the Application Code choose the application you created in step 7. In my case it was ‘MY_CUSTOM_CODE’.
    • In the Events list, start a new line.
      • Choose the Event you wish to override, in our case it is ‘Stop License Plate’.
      • In Trigger, choose if you want to run before or after the base event. In our case we want our code to run ‘Before’ the base event.
      • Enter your event name in the Override Event Name. In our case it is ‘Custom Override’.
      • Choose if you still want to Execute Base Event. In our case this will be ‘No’.
  • Close the Warehouse Insight Application Override.

Link the App Override with the Base App

  • In Business Central, return to the Warehouse Insight Application list.
  • Open the application you are modifying. In our case it’s ‘WHSE_SHIPMENT_DOC’.
  • Choose the Override Code that you used in step 14.a. In my case it is ‘My_APP_OVERRIDE’.
Warehouse Insight Application
  • You are done! Open your WHI in the scanner and go Options->Reload Config and try your new changes.
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