Datalogic Falcon X3 Scanner Timeout

Datalogic Falcon X3 Scanner Timeout

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If a scanner goes into power save mode or drops the wifi connection the Warehouse Insight app will need to reset and log back in each time.

On a Datalogic Falcon X3 there are 3 timeouts that need to be changed so that the device does not power down and disconnect:

  1. Start >> Settings >> System >> Power >> Auto-Off
    1. If the device powers off it will need to re-connect to the WMDM app.
    2. Set both timeouts to 15 minutes (higher if the battery can handle it):
Datalogic Falcon X3 Scanner-Timeout
  1. Start >> Settings >> System >> Backlight >> Brightness
    1. The display can go dim while still remaining connected.
    2. Disable ‘Dim if idle’:
Datalogic Falcon X3 Scanner-Timeout

Under the Auto-Off tab set both timeouts to 5 minutes:

Datalogic Falcon X3 Scanner-Timeout
  1. Start >> Settings >> Connection >> Laird >> Profile >> Power Save
    1. The wifi needs to stay active as long as the device is powered on (Continuous Active Mode).
    2. Change Power Save to “CAM”:
Datalogic Falcon X3 Scanner-Timeout
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