Setup of Posting Count Options

Setup of Posting Count Options

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Once the counts are completed and all recounts have been completed, the counts can then be posted to NAV. To post the counts first the “Posting Options” must be set on the “Count Card”

Posting Options
  • Set Item Tracking Lines – copies Lot/Serial Numbers to the item Journal Lines. May cause Reclass. Journal lines to be created as well.
    • The Reclass. Journal lines is used if there is a change in the Lot/Serial number but no change in the quantity counted. i.e. counted 10 of lot number 1B when the system said there was 10 of lot number 1A
    • It is not used to move items from bin to bin
      • Negative and positive adjustments are used
  • Use Batch Document Nos. – if the journal batch has a number series defined, the system will use that number series for the document numbers. Otherwise, the count number is used. (Recommended setting is “off”)
  • Post Zero Differences – copies items with no quantity differences to the journals. Most useful for cycle counts. (Avoid this for counts that have a large number of zero differences)
  • Update Next Count Period: – will set the ‘Next Counting” period field(s) on the item or SKU based on the “Physical Inventory Counting Period Code”.
    • Most useful for Cycle Counts.
  • Use Default Dimensions – indicates whether default dimensions are applied. If custom dimensions are applied for the count, this can be disabled.
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