2. Navigating Business Central in Shop Floor Insight

2. Navigating Business Central in Shop Floor Insight

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The Shop Floor Insight Business Central app alters three role centers and introduces a new role center called “Shop Floor Insight Approver”.

Business Manager Role Center

When using the Business Manager Role center there is a main “Shop Floor Insight” action menu that will contain most actions needed. Upgrades from on-premise Business Central or Dynamics NAV will be familiar with the structure as it mimics the ‘menu suite’ from earlier versions of the system.

Menu Suite

There are also headlines available that will detect the current state of the system and either help provide guidance on installation and registration, or once it’s detected that there is some configuration and the system is registered then it will help provide guidance into operational tasks. An example of a headline providing insight into an operational task is below.

Operational Task

The Business Manager role center would be recommending for setup and configuration but could also be used operationally.

Machine Operator – Manufacturing Comprehensive

The “Machine Operator – Manufacturing Comprehensive” role has been adjusted manufacturing comprehensive to add a Shop Floor Insight menu structure as well. This is not the same menu structure as the other role centers and is intended to be limited and optimized towards typical functions on the Business Central side that a machine operator might need (such as printing barcodes) from Shop Floor Insight. Note: a machine operator will typically be recording time in the optimized Shop Floor Insight barcoding interface.

Shop Floor Insight Interface

Shop Supervisor – Manufacturing Comprehensive

The “Shop Supervisor – Manufacturing Comprehensive” role center has been altered to include a “Shop Floor Insight” action menu, optimized towards actions that a supervisor might need to reasonably interact with. Note that there is an optimized role center available for roles that primary focus on reviewing and approving time.

Shop Floor Interface

Shop Floor Insight Approver Role Center

A new role center is introduced called “Shop Floor Insight Approver” that provides a role center optimized around a typical time approver role, and allow easy drill-downs into in-progress cards, cards that have yet to be approved, and approved time ready to be posted.

Approver Role Center
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