Counter Sales Users

Counter Sales Users

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To configure users interacting with Insight Works Counter Sales, navigate to the Counter Sales Users page. On the page you can specify:

  • User ID specifies the ID of the user.
  • Take Order Default View specifies the default order entry page to use for counter sales orders created from the take order wizard.
  • Price Override Code specifies the code to use for entering price overrides on counter sales document lines. This field should only be set for users authorized to perform price overrides. When the Price Override Behavior is set in the Counter Sales Setup there should be at least one user with a price override code.
  • Show Sales Margin specifies whether sales margin details will be shown for the user.
  • Default Location Code specifies how to default the location code on counter sales documents. When the setting is set to:
    • ‘Sales Resp. Ctr. Filter’ the location code will be set to what is specified for the user in the User Setup page.
    • ‘System Default’ the location code will be set based on the base application behavior.
  • ‘User Specific’ the location code will be set to what is specified for the User Specific Location Code.User Specific Location Code specifies the default location code to use when ‘User Specific’ is set for the Default Location Code.
  • Post Behavior specifies how counter sales documents are posted for the user. When the setting is set to:
    • ‘User License Type’ the ability to post will be based on the user setup, such as license type and user permissions.
    • ‘Limited User’ the ability to post will be limited to registered, meaning the transaction will not be fully recorded until the counter sales document is posted by a user with the proper user setup or by running the daily close report.
  • Daily Close Update Allow Posting Date Behavior specifies how the allow posting dates in the User Setup is updated when running the daily close report.
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