Fields Included in Shop Floor Insight’s Search Field

Fields Included in Shop Floor Insight’s Search Field

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The following fields are included in Shop Floor Insight’s (version 7.2 and newer, and Business Central version 16 and newer) Search field. The application searches in this order:

  • Production order exact match
  • Operation exact match
  • Routing line description partial match
  • Production order partial match
  • Operation partial match
  • Any match on production order number, operation, or description
  • Production order item number
  • Production order description
  • Production order description 2
  • Shortcut dimension code 1
  • Shortcut dimension code 2

Shop Floor Insight version 7.9 includes everything listed above and using the Warehouse Insight barcode rules for item searches or production order line description 2.

These searches override Shop Floor Setup’s configured filters (global filters applying across all configurations) and the client configuration’s existing filters, where there is a client configuration per scanning station configured with filters to restrict what the client sees in the dispatch list; there are no limitations, and the most common filters are:

  • Capacity no.
  • Work center no.
  • Operation status
  • Operation no.
  • remaining quantity


If a reseller wants to extend the application’s capabilities, they can hook into the events:

  • OnBeforeProdDispatchSearch(var ptxtSearch: Text; var precProdOrderRoutingLine: Record “Prod. Order Routing Line”)
  • procedure OnAfterProdDispatchSearch(var ptxtSearch: Text; var precProdOrderRoutingLine: Record “Prod. Order Routing Line”)

Frequently Asked Questions

What symbols can be used in this search field, if any?

You can use “*” as a wildcard for Shop Floor Insight version 7.6 and newer (e.g., instead of searching for “assembly” you could search for “as*mbly”).

Is there a way to remove case sensitive on wildcard search?

When the search field is doing the partial match, it adds the “@” symbol around the wildcard search, removing case sensitive match, but it is slower.

For on-prem installs this could potentially be affected by the SQL collation.

How many additional fields could be added onto the dispatch list?

This is a customization activity requiring a developer, not a configuration activity; a customization can add as many fields as needed and the developer needs to clarify the necessary fields, where they are, and more.

When doing a customization

Here are several things to consider when doing a customization:

  • It is a new dispatch web service page that must be API compatible with the existing one including any updates to the product. The user can add data, but they cannot take things away.
  • Is the data already on the production order routing line, and if not, where is it?  The farther away from the production order line, the slower the retrieval is (e.g., trying to get customer details on a make-to-order can slow things down).
  • Does the new data need to be searched? If it does, those additional hooks described previously also need to be connected in.
  • These types of customizations in general need to be updated when the product updates.
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