How to display the Shop Floor Insight Approver role in the “Explore All” page

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Version 15 of Business Central has a new “Role Explorer” page which allows users to quickly see an overview of all the lists and features available for the selected role (these are also referred to as “profiles”).

This is accessible via the icon represented with the three horizontal bars to the right of the company name.

Dynamic 365 Business Central

When this icon is clicked, the user will see all the lists and features available for his currently selected role.

This below is what the Role Explorer looks like when the selected role is set to “Shop Floor Insight Approver”:

Shop Floor Insight Approver

If the “Explore all” button is clicked at the very top, the user will be able to explore features across multiple roles.

Explore All

As you can see above, the “Shop Floor Insight Approver” Role is not visible. To make this role appear in the “Role Explorer”, the role must first be modified.

To modify the role, search for “Roles”.

Role Explorer

A list is displayed with all Roles listed.

Search for “Shop Floor” in the list, then edit the entry.

Search Shop Floor

With the “Shop Floor Insight Approver” Role open, in the “Profile Settings” section, notice there is an option called “Show in Role Explorer”.

Turn this setting ON.

Profile Setting

The next time the user returns to the Role Explorer, the “Shop Floor Insight Approver” role will now be visible.

SF Insight Approver
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