Over-Receiving from Handhelds

Over-Receiving from Handhelds

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Business Central provides the ability to over-receive product based on Over-Receipt templates. The design of this functionality causes it to be accessible only from within the Business Central web client and does not run properly when executed from web services (e.g., Warehouse Insight). Download the attachment to allow the built-in over-receipt logic to be executed from the Warehouse Insight application on the handhelds.

To use the over-receiving functionality:

  1. Configure over-receiving as described in the Microsoft Business Central documentation and ensure it works as expected from within Business Central.
  2. Add the three included files to a custom extension (either a new one or an existing one; you may need to renumber or rename the objects within the files to match your existing numbering and affix requirements).
  3. Install the extension to Business Central.
  4. Open the Scan Behaviors page from within Business Central (see Modify Scan Behaviors for more information).
  5. Locate your receiving application (e.g., PURCHASE_IN_DOC or WHSE_RECEIPT_DOC).
  6. Set the Quantity Validation field to Validate or Prompt and Validate.
  7. Reload the configuration on the handheld and attempt to over-receive.
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  1. Steven B.
    Steven B. March 21, 2023 at 10:27 pm

    After further review, I needed to add WHI as a dependency to my project.

  2. Steven B.
    Steven B. March 21, 2023 at 10:23 pm

    When compiling the files in the attachment, I get the following errors

    error AL0132: ‘Codeunit’ does not contain a definition for ‘WHI Receiving Mgmt.’
    error AL0185: Table ‘IWX Event Param’ is missing

    I have downloaded all symbols but still get the errors above. Please advise.

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