Inventory Quantity Adjustment

Inventory Quantity Adjustment

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The Inventory Quantity Adjustment app add-on for Warehouse Insight allows users to make quantity adjustments for items (e.g., delete or add inventory), and item journal positive and negative adjustment entries are used for this. The following guides you through the following for Inventory Quantity Adjustment:

  • Key Features
  • Prerequisites
  • Install
  • Configuration
  • User Guide
  • Inventory Quantity Adjustment Video
  • Source Code
  • Uninstall

Key Features

The new menu option, Adjust Inventory, is available on the Item inquiry document. Users can add or remove inventory using the Adjust Inventory option. The adjustments are made by creating and posting the item journal entry lines.


Inventory Quantity Adjustment is an add-on for Warehouse Insight 2.12. Before installing, you must install and configure Warehouse Insight 2.12 or newer in Business Central.


To install the Inventory Quantity Adjustment app in Business Central, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the Warehouse Insight Add-on Catalog in Business Central.
  2. Select Inventory Quantity Adjustment and select Install.

This installs all data required to run the Inventory Quantity Adjustment app, including the extension app file, the Warehouse Insight applications and supporting data (menus, columns, and more).

Once you have complete installation, reload the app configuration in the Warehouse Insight Applications page to see the new application data (ITEM_ING_DOC and OR_ITEM_ING_DOC). The Warehouse Insight Device Menus page also has a new option, Adjust Inventory, added to the Item inquiry document.


Once you have installed the Inventory Quantity Adjustment app, select the Item Journal Batch to use for the item journal adjustment.

  1. Navigate to the Warehouse Insight Device Configurations and select the required configuration.
  2. Select the Warehouse heading to expand the section.
  3. Select the  icon for Item Journal Batch under General.
  4. Ensure the No. Series field is blank.
  5. Select the required batch and select OK.

User Guide

Once you have configured the Inventory Quantity Adjustment app, users can make item inventory adjustments as:

  1. Open the Item Inquiry app on the scanner.
  2. Select the required item.
  3.  Select the icon and select Adjust Inventory.
  4. Select the one of the following buttons:
    • POSITIVE: Increases inventory
    • NEGATIVE: Decreases inventory
  5. Input the quantity to adjust and select OK (posts the adjustment).
  6. Follow additional prompts for selecting or scanning bins (if the location scanner is configured to require bins).

Inventory Quantity Adjustment Video

Source Code

The source code is publicly available and provided as is. It is available for you to expand on as required for your specific process, or to use as an example for other similar changesets.


Below are the steps to remove the Inventory Quantity Adjustment module. You must manually remove the extension and any configuration data.

  1. Navigate to the Extension Management page in Business Central.
  2. Select the record for Inventory Quantity Adjustment.
  3. Select Uninstall in the Manage tab.
  4. Remove the configurations:
    1. Remove the Override code from ITEM_INQ_DOC card in Warehouse Insight applications.
    2. Delete the Adjust Inventory menu option (in the FactBox pane) on the Warehouse Insight application card.
    3. Delete the OR_ ITEM_INQ_DOC application from Warehouse Insight applications list.
    4. Delete the OR_ ITEM_INQ_DOC application from Warehouse Insight application overrides list.
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