Cycle Count Schedules in Cycle Count Scheduler

Cycle Count Schedules in Cycle Count Scheduler

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The following fields are available on the Cycle Count Schedules page in Cycle Count Scheduler.

Field Description
Code Code to identify the schedule.
Location Code Location to schedule the count for.
Cycle Count Frequency How often the cycle count is scheduled for (e.g., 1D, 1W, and more).
Cycle Count Calendar Code The base calendar code to used to calculate working days available for the cycle count schedule.
Customized Calendar Specifies if the location has a customized calendar with working days that are different from those in the company’s base calendar.
Full Coverage Frequency The number of times all inventory must be counted per year.
Phys. Invt. Count Period Code Allows you to apply the frequency of the count-by-count period code (e.g., this schedule counts As daily and another schedule counts Bs monthly).
Full Coverage Start Month The starting month the cycle counts that are done in the next 12 months; typically, the first month after year-end.
Full Coverage End Date The date that full count coverage needs to be achieved by. Calculated by the system.
Last Count Date The last time the count was performed in this location. Set by system.
Earliest Next Count Date Set by system, but editable to allow you to override the next date. System uses this to determine if a count should be generated. Any templates with a next count date less than or equal to the current date causes a count to be created.
Last Days Left in Period The number of count days remaining before the Full Coverage End Date. The field considers working days on the calendar, combined with the Cycle Count Frequency.
Last Count No. The last Inventory Count No. generated by this schedule.
Creation Mode The method used to generate a count from this schedule. Disabled, Automatic (Job Queue), Manual.
Inventory Count Template Existing count template to copy configuration from.
Merge Active Cycle Counts If set to merge, the count sheet configurations from the template on this schedule are merged with an existing active count. If counts are not merged, new cycle counts are created as inactive.
Merge Counts to Single Sheet Whether to merge sheets with the same name onto a single sheet.
Use Stockkeeping Unit If Yes, forces the system to use defined Stockkeeping Units to determine Count Period Codes and count dates
Item Selection Method Indicates how the items on the sheet are selected.

Options are:

  • Random
  • Item Order
  • Bin Order
Item Filter Custom filter, much like on the Count Sheet, to allow you to specify a custom filter to restrict item selection (e.g., on-hand only, specific item categories, and more).
Inventory Count Template Existing count template to copy configuration from.
E-mail Sheets to If a valid email is specified, sheets are emailed after the count is created.
E-mail Attachment Format The format to email the sheets in if an email address is specified.
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