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Note: For earlier versions of Warehouse Insight, find the documentation here.

The Warehouse Insight product solution is comprised of a mix of custom NAV objects as well as modifications to base NAV objects. The custom objects can be imported without impact to your existing NAV installation, but the base NAV modifications need to be merged manually with your existing versions to avoid losing any changes. The installation media contains the following files and a brief description is given below.

File Name Description
VER_23044xxxObjects.fob The custom Warehouse Insight objects. These can be imported as-is.
VER_BaseNavObjects.txt (.fob) The base NAV objects with the Warehouse Insight modifications included. This file can be used to compare the existing object to the modified one when doing the merge.
VER_Menu1053_1054.txt (.fob) The custom Warehouse Insight menu suites. This file can be imported as-is if you do not already have add-on’s using 1053 or 1054.
VER_Source_BaseNavObjects.txt The base NAV objects unmodified that were used as the starting point for the Warehouse Insight modifications. This file can be used when doing a 3-way merge/comparison.
Note: “VER” in the file name references the specific NAV version of the objects you are using (e.g., 2009R2, 2013, 2013R2, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or Business Central – v14 and lower).

The following steps can be used as a guide when importing the NAV objects into your system. The steps assume a base level of familiarity with the NAV development environment and object merges. For further assistance, contact Support.

  1. Import your updated NAV license with the included add-on range for Warehouse Insight if not already done:
    1. Contact your NAV partner or Support for assistance if required.
    2. Restart the NAV services to ensure the license has taken effect.
  2. Import the custom Warehouse Insight objects:
    1. Import the file fob from the installation media.
  3. Import the Warehouse Insight menu suites:
    1. If you are not already using Menu Suite ID’s 1053 and 1054, import the file fob from the installation media.
    2. If you are already using those ID’s for another add-on, open the file txt and modify the ID of the two menus to match the available numbers in your installation and then import this modified text file.
  4. Merge the base NAV objects changes:
    1. See section Modified NAV Objects for a list of the modified objects.
    2. Use the file txt as a reference if doing a 3-way merge.
  5. Compile all Warehouse Insight objects:
    1. Filter the Version List in the Object Designer to: “*WHI*|*INV*|*IWX*|*LP*”.

Optional Merges

The Warehouse Insight objects contain a few optional merge objects that can be used as a reference if adding the changes. The use of the pages makes it simpler to copy/paste the required code and page actions.

Object Description
Page: IWX LP Optional Merge Contains page actions for assigning/viewing license plates while working in NAV.
Page: WHI Base Optional Merge

Contains optional code snippets that can be in various Warehouse Insight scenarios:

  • compressLines: In situations with a high number of similar consumption lines, this function can be used to help improve posting performance. Should only be used in specific circumstances.
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