Modify Scan Behaviors

Modify Scan Behaviors

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When scanning or manually selecting an item on your handheld you will often be presented with a quantity dialog screen where you can adjust the quantity, unit of measure, and item tracking information (if applicable) for the item you are handling. You can modify the default behavior of this quantity dialog screen to improve productivity. For example, you can change the default quantity that appears in the Quantity field or change the default Unit of Measure, among other things. These default behaviors are set independently for each application on your handheld, and you can have different behaviors for when you scan an item versus when you manually select an item with Menu > Change Quantity.

The following describes how to modify these default behaviors.

  1. In Business Central, go to the WMS Express Scan Behaviors page.
  2. This page lists the different applications on your handheld and lets you modify the default behavior for each application. If you don’t see the application you want to modify in the Application Code column, you can add a new line and select the application from the drop-down list.
  3. Modify the default behavior for an application by selecting the desired behavior from the drop-down list for each setting. Hover over the column header for a more detailed description of that setting.
  4. When you are finished, close the page.
  5. On the WMS Express home screen on your handheld, select Menu > Reload Config.
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