How to ensure supervisors only see time cards of their workers for approval

How to ensure supervisors only see time cards of their workers for approval

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As shop employees use the Shop Floor Insight application, time cards will be created. Before these can be posted, someone needs to approve the time cards. Typically, it is the worker’s supervisor that will approve time cards.  To increase efficiency, it is possible to configure Shop Floor Insight in such a way that only the time cards of employees a supervisor directly manages will be visible.

This article explains how this is done.

  • The first thing that is required is to configure the Shop Floor employee records. Search for “Shop Floor Employee”. Select the “Shop Floor Employee List” entry. Then open the worker’s employee record.
Shop Floor Employee List
Shop Floor Employee Card
  • From the worker’s time card, click on the “Reports to” action button.
Time Card Approval Mapping
  • On this page, the supervisor needs to be specified for this “Worker” employee. Click on the first entry line and click on the drop-down arrow in the “Employee No.” field. Select the corresponding supervisor.
Time Card Approval
Time Card Approvals

NOTE.  It is also possible to do the opposite: to instead open the Supervisor’s Shop Floor employee card and click the “Manages” action button to select the workers. Using this example, the Supervisor1 Shop Floor employee card would be opened, and the employee “Worker” would be selected. The result is the same, whichever method is used.

  • The next requirement is to ensure the “User ID” field on the Shop Floor employee card is specified for the supervisor. This value represents the Business Central user login record that relates to the superviso Open the supervisor’s Shop Floor employee card and specify the proper “User ID” of the supervisor in Business Central.
Shop Floor Employee Card
  • For the supervisor to only see the time cards of the employees he/she manages, the supervisor cannot have the “Post” Shop Floor permission. Search for “Shop Floor Function Permission
Shop Floor Function Permission
  • This screen is where the Shop Floor Employees permissions are configured. Not all Shop Floor employees will be listed here, only those that also have a Business Central user ID can have permissions defined for them.
Shop Floor Function Permission
  • Ensure the “Post” checkbox is OFF for the supervisor.

This does two things: it ensures that the supervisor cannot post any time cards, and it also means that the time cards that will be presented to this supervisor for approval will respect the manages/reports-to hierarchy as defined on the Shop Floor employee cards.

In this example, Supervisor1 will only be able to see the time cards of the employee he/she manages, in this case “Worker”.

Typically, supervisors are not responsible for posting time cards; this normally will be the responsibility of an accounting/payroll employee. However, if the supervisor in question approves time cards and is also responsible for posting the time cards, you will need to need the Post checkbox ON.

With the checkbox is ON, when the supervisor views the Shop Floor Employee list and the Shop Floor Time Cards list, he/she will see the employees or time cards for ALL employees, not just those that he/she manages. As for the Time Card Approvals screen, the supervisor will also see the time cards for all employees, however on this screen there is an option “Only Show Managed Employees” which will filter the list accordingly.

NOTE: When the “Post” checkbox is ON for a supervisor, all time cards, from all Shop Floor employees will be presented to this supervisor on the Time Card Approval screen.  

  • Let’s look at the time card approval screen for Supervisor1. Search for the “Time Card Approval”.
Time Card Approval
Time Card Approvals

In the Time Card Approvals screen, only the time cards for employees that the supervisor manages will be visible. In this example, we can see there are time cards for “Worker” and also for “Supervisor1”.

NOTE: If the “POST” permission is ON for Supervisor1, this image below depicts what the supervisor1 would see instead.

Time Card Approvals

Notice there is an additional setting visible here, the “Only Show Managed Employees” option in the “Filter Options” section. This will allow the supervisor to filter the time cards for the employees that he/she manages.

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