Freight Price Rules

Freight Price Rules

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Freight Price Rules

Dynamics Ship has freight price rules to determine how freight costs are passed back to the sales order. They are processed from most specific to most generic in the following order:
  1. Customer
  2. Customer Price Group
  3. Campaign
  4. All Customers
Within each sales type, rules with a shipping agent service code will be checked before rules with only a shipping agent code, and finally rules with no agent settings.

Freight Order Processing Rules

The Dynamic Ship Freight Prices image below shows the order of processing:
  1. A single customer with an agent with agent service code will be processed first.
  2. A single customer with only an agent code will apply to all other services for the specified carrier.
  3. A single customer with no agent options will be used for all other carrier combinations.
  4. A customer price group will be processed if there was no match for the individual customer.
  5. A campaign rule will take effect for all remaining customers that apply to the campaign criteria.
  6. Generic rules for an agent with an agent service code will be used for orders that did not match the more specific rules.
  7. Generic rules with only an agent code will apply to all other services for the specified carrier.
  8. Generic rules with no other criteria will be for any shipments that did not match anything else.

Freight Order Amounts

The Minimum Order Total can be used to apply a rule only to orders above a specified limit.
Maximum rate can be used to specify a cap on the rule (freight over the amount is no extra cost).
Markup %, Fixed Price and Line Discount Percentage can be used to alter the amount of the shipping cost that is passed back to the sales order. Each of these fields only apply if their applicable rate handling is selected, and they cannot be combined without an extension. Rounding precision can be used to approximate the freight amount.
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