Production Order Assignment with Shop Floor Insight

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Shop Floor Insight enables users to assign production orders to Shop Floor employees. This capability has previously only supported the ad-hoc style where individual employees can ‘Take’. Shop Floor Insight:

  • Enables supervisors to assign production orders, and
  • Shop Floor Insight to show assigned, unassigned, or a combination of assigned/unassigned to employees.

Start by finding the “Shop Floor Supervisor Assignment” screen.

Shop Floor Supervisor Assignment

The Shop Floor Supervisor Assignment interface shows any assignments made by employees through the ‘Take’ functionality on the Shop Floor Client. Manual entries can be made directly, or the ‘Assign Production Orders’ action can be used to bulk assign production orders to multiple employees.

Assign Production Order

Once employees have assignments then Shop Floor Insight can be filtered to display specific employee assignments. This is done using the “Dispatch Employee Filtering” option.

Dispatch Employee Filtering

“Do Not Filter” means that no filtering will occur based on assignments.

Do Not Filter

“Current User” means that only those production orders that have been assigned will show.

Current User

“Unassigned” means that only those production orders that are not yet assigned will show.


“Unassigned or Current User” means that only production orders that are either already assigned to the current user, or not assigned to anybody will show.

Unassigned or Current User
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