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To use SharePoint with NavXtender, Microsoft’s OneDrive application can be used to sync files to SharePoint. This guide assumes NavXtender is already installed and configured to a shared storage location / server.

NOTE: This method does not change NavXtender’s behavior or usage. SharePoint is not an alternative to a local/shared storage location, it will mirror the NavXtender’s stored files. NAV’s record links will still point to the storage location that NavXtender is set to, and not the online SharePoint link. For a user to access the file on SharePoint requires manual navigation to SharePoint and the correct file location.

NOTE: This method works best when set up on the server / machine of the storage location, not each clients machine.

First step will be to set up SharePoint storage location. We can do this by going to the OneDrive section of SharePoint found in the Apps drop menu:

You can use an existing site or make a new one, ensure its Public so other users can access the files.

Once set up, navigate to the ‘Documents‘ section of your preferred SharePoint location and hit ‘Sync‘. It should open the OneDrive application on your machine. If it does not or OneDrive is not installed, it can be retrieved from:

This should open the OneDrive app (if not, open it and begin the set up process), and you can choose your storage location. If it does not prompt you, hit Change Location and select the root path where all NavXtender users sync to:

And that should be it. Now when you use NavXtender and drop a file on a page (eg a PDF on a Sales Order):

It will show on SharePoint with a directory tree that matches the storage:

Now NavXtender and OneDrive/SharePoint should be synced.

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