How to record a quality inspection when a scheduler item is moved

How to record a quality inspection when a scheduler item is moved

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It is possible to configure Shop Floor Insight to record a quality inspection directly from the Shop Floor Insight application when a production order routing line is modified in the production schedule of the Shop Floor Insight application.

A modification to a routing line could be a change to the operation start time, to the machine centre or to the work centre.

Let’s create a new quality inspection and demonstrate how this is done.

Search for “Quality Inspection Definition

Quality Inspection Definition

Click on “New”, the new Quality Inspection Definition form will open.

Specify a code and description and then add some appropriate lines to the quality inspection, then close the quality inspection.

Click New

Now that the Quality Inspection is ready to be used, we need to associate it with a Shop Floor Client configuration.

Search for “Shop Floor Client Configuration”.

Shop Floor Client Configuration

Open the client configuration for which you wish to have a quality inspection whenever a change is made in the production schedule.

In the “Production Order” section of the Shop Floor Client configuration card, look for the “Scheduler Change QI Definition” field.

Shop Floor Client Configuration Card

In this field, select the Quality Inspection that you want to use whenever a change is made to a production schedule. In this example, we have chosen the “Q3_SCHED” quality inspection.

If you wish to have this same Quality Inspection but for other Shop Floor Client Configurations, you will need to repeat this for the other client configurations.

Close the Shop Floor Client Configuration card.

On the Shop Floor Client, in the Production Schedule, if an operation is moved by dragging it, as soon as the move is complete, the Quality Inspection input form will appear.

Quality Inspection Input

Enter the Quality Inspection test values and once complete, click on the “Load” button in the top left. Then close the form with the “Close” button.  

Click Load

The information captured in this Quality inspection is automatically saved in the “Shop Floor Quality Inspection Tests” in Business Central.

Shop Floor Quality Inspection Tests
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