Zebra High Quality Print

Zebra High Quality Print

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To get a higher quality printout from a Zebra printer, the printer needs to be set up on any computer that is always online and shared to the network. The Business Central service user must be able to print to the machine using its absolute address (e.g., \\machine\printer) and not the share name.
Complete the following to set up in Business Central on-premises:
  1. Change the Carrier Label Print Type to ZPL in Dynamic Ship Setup.
  2. Add the Carrier Label Report ID 23044601 to Printer Selection using the absolute printer name (not the share name). This needs to be manually added to the table before it can be selected.
Print results are stored for troubleshooting purposes only and are not user observable via the UI. You can access print results by running table DSHIP Label Data (23044622) directly and filtering to the correct License Plate. Specific errors are in the Event Viewer of the machine running the Business Central service.
ZPL is proprietary to Zebra brand printers and are not usable by any other brand of printers including printing to PDF.
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