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Anything Feature

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The Anything feature (available in version 1.4 and up) allows you to connect the scheduler to a table in a simple form. The instructions below show you how to configure a data source with a sales line table.

Enable experimental features

  1. Navigate to Graphical Scheduler Setup.
  2. Select I Understand in the Advanced section.
  3. Locate Experimental Features and select Show More.
  4. Select Enable Experimental Features from the dropdown.

Use Anything feature

  1. Navigate to Graphical Scheduler Views.
  2. Create a new view.
  3. Assign a name, description, and other required information.
  4. Select Add a Data Source.
  5. Select Anything (any custom table).
  6. Define the following fields to graphically display the tables and data needed (minimum required):
    1. Table No.
    2. Document No. Field
    3. Starting Date-Time
    4. Capacity No.
    5. Show In. (Select Miscellaneous)
  7. Close the Anything configuration page.
  8. Close the View page.
  9. Load the Graphical Scheduler.
  10. Select the view you created.
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    how I can install Graphical Scheduler app on my system ?

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