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Barcode Generator Sample Reports

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Download the Sample Barcode Reports file that contains the source code and layouts for the sample reports provided with Barcode Generator. There are no restrictions on how you use these reports (e.g., you can use the reports as templates for building your reports or to change the layouts of existing reports). Details on the source files:

  1. Many of the samples are based on standard Business Central reports taken from Business Central 17.1. All compiler warnings and hints from the base reports are still present.
  2. The sample reports have been renumbered into the 72800 object range with a new object prefix of SMPL. This allows you to copy the reports as-is into your project to deploy them.
  3. All file names retain the object number from the Barcode Generator app to make it easier to identify the specific report by the object number found in Business Central.
  4. In order to build these reports, your extension project needs to include a dependency on the Barcode Generator app.
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