Exploring the Graphical Scheduler Screen

Exploring the Graphical Scheduler Screen

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This section gives an overview of the Graphical Scheduler screen.

Make sure that your Business Central user has access to the ‘GRAPHICAL SCHEDULER’ permission set, the ‘IWX COMMON’ permission set, as well as sufficient permissions to read production order routing lines. If you intend on drag and dropping or making other writable changes then you must also have sufficient permissions to write changes to the production order routing lines.

  • Time is displayed across the top of the graphical scheduler as columns. You can change the scale and date ranges by clicking “Dates and Zoom”. Available time scales are:
    • Month and Year
    • Week and Month
    • Day and Week
    • Hour and Day
  • Work Center Groups, Work Centers, and Machine Centers are shown in a hierarchical tree on the left-hand side of the view.
  • A colored block will be visible in the Graphical Scheduler showing the information configured for your view. Different kinds of information can be configured to show in this view, by default it will show production order routing lines.
  • Hover over the blocks to see a tooltip with further information.
  • Modify the production schedule by using the mouse to “drag and drop” operations to other cells or other time ranges. You can change the following:
    • Starting Date and Time of the production order routing line
    • Machine or Work Center of the production order routing line
  • Use the “Previous” and “Next” actions to change the visible time period.
  • Use the “Refresh” action to refresh the contents of the Graphical Scheduler.
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