Order Packaging in Dynamic Ship

Order Packaging in Dynamic Ship

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The Order Packaging page provides an optional, high-level view of ready-to-go shipments. The Order Packaging page displays the order’s:

  • Document Type
  • Document Number
  • Document Status
  • Location Code
  • Ship-to Name
  • Ship-to Address
  • Ship-to City
  • Ship-to Phone Number
  • Ship-to State
  • Ship-to ZIP Code
  • Ship-to Country/Region Code
  • Labelled Status
  • Warehouse Shipment Status
  • And more

Benefits of the Order Packaging Page

The Order Packaging page allows you to see any missing information required before shipping. For example, you must include the phone number as carriers require a phone number to ensure a timely delivery. You cannot open the Package Worksheet before including a phone number.

Complete the following to open the Package Worksheet for the required Sales Order:

  1. Navigate to Dynamic Ship Order Packaging in Business Central.
  2. Select the required Sales Order, select Process, and select Package Worksheet.
  3. Ensure all information is complete and correct.

Document Type, Document No., Document Status, and Location Code

The Order Packaging page includes the:

  • Document Type: Indicates whether an order is a Sales Order or a Warehouse Shipment.
  • Document Number: Either a Sales Order Number or Warehouse Shipment Number.
  • Document Status: Indicates whether an order is Open or Released.
  • Location Code: Indicates which warehouse the shipment is shipping from.

Ship-To Information

The Ship-To information is required prior to opening the Package Worksheet as the carriers must have this information. The Order Packaging page includes the:

  • Ship-To Name
  • Ship-To Address
  • Ship-To City
  • Ship-To State
  • Ship-To ZIP Code
  • Ship-To Country/Region Code
  • Ship-To Phone Number

Labelled Status and Warehouse Shipment Status

The Labelled Status indicates if a shipment is:

  • Not Labelled
  • Partially Labelled
  • Completely Labelled

The Warehouse Shipment Status indicates if a Shipment is:

  • Partially Picked
  • Completely Picked
  • Partially Shipped
  • Completely Shipped.

Package Information

The Order Packaging page includes the Shipment’s:

  • Shipment Label
  • Shipment Status
  • Number of Labels
  • Number of Packages
  • Total Package Weight
  • Weight Unit of Measure
  • Document Assigned User ID
  • Total Item Quantity
  • Shipment Date
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