Create License Plate Templates

Create License Plate Templates

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Dynamic Ship’s License Plate Templates feature allows you to create pre-configured packages based on various container sizes. You can create separate barcodes for cartons, boxes, or pallets. Complete the following to create a License Plate Template:

  1. Navigate to Insight Works License Plate Templates in Business Central.
  1. Select New and modify the following fields:
    1. Code: Must be unique (e.g., Box 1, Box 2).
    2. Description
    3. LP Dimensions Unit of Measure: Must reflect the UOM in the Dynamic Ship Setup.
    4. Shipment Length
    5. Shipment Width
    6. Shipment Height
    7. SP Dimensions Unit of Measure: Must reflect the UOM in Dynamic Ship Setup.
  2. Print License Plate Templates’ barcodes, if needed:
    1. Select Actions / Print / Print Labels.

You can also combine License Plate Templates with Pack Commands to create more efficient barcoding processes. As with the Pack Commands, you can print your License Plate Templates’ barcodes for use at each workstation.

For more information, see Pack Commands, and Chain Multiple Pack Commands.

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