Inventory Count Bin Blocking Options

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There are 3 options available on the count sheet configuration lines:

“Block Bins” Option Effect When to Use
Bin Content Blocks the bin contents for each bin and item combination on the count sheet lines. Use when doing cycle counts and you need to prevent access to specific items in specific bins.
Entire Bin Blocks the bin and all bin contents for each bin found on the count sheet lines. Use when doing cycle or full counts and you need to block access to everything in a bin. For example, you may want to block the entire receiving bin.
Bins in Filter Blocks all bins within the bin code filter defined on the count sheet config. Unlike the options above, does not examine the count sheet lines for the bin. Use when doing full inventory counts that you have not generated count sheet lines for.

Because the blocking options are on the count sheet configurations, different areas of the warehouse can be blocked differently as required.

Bins will be automatically blocked when count sheets are generated, and automatically reset when the count is copied to the journals. Bins can be blocked and unblocked from the functions menu as well.

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