Tax Identifiers

Tax Identifiers

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Dynamic Ship supports tax identifiers for the EasyPost integration. You can insert tax identifiers through the Shipment Options or populate them in advance through a template in the Customer Options. Selecting a Tax ID Type leads to some default fields being read. Setting the receiver to be EORI type leads to the EORI being read from the customer table and inserted. You can modify this behavior by subscribing to the event OnBeforeUpdateReceiverTaxInformation () in codeunit DSHIP Event Publisher; there is a mirror event for the sender called OnBeforeUpdateSenderTaxInformation().

Dynamic Ship also provides an additional event (OnAfterCreateTaxIdentifiersJson() in codeunit DSHIP Event Publisher) if you need to send multiple tax identifiers for the sender or receiver. This event supplies the document details so that a JsonArray following the EasyPost pattern can be created. For more information, see EasyPost’s API Documentation’s Tax Identifiers section.

Tax Identifiers Example Repository

For more information on the events, see the Tax Identifiers example repository.

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