Product Configurator Choice Combination

Product Configurator Choice Combination

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Configurator Choice Combinations

The Configurator Choice Combinations page allows you to control how choices affect each other.
You can exclude or include choices for other options based on a choice that is selected. See the table below for details on how to configure the combinations.

Configurator Choice Combination Table

The following table allows you to specify rules on how choices affect one another.

Option Description
[deprecated] Used internally by the system.
Affected Choice Code The choice that will be affected by the rule.
Affected Configuration Option The configuration option that will be affected by the rule.
Execution Order The order the rule is evaluated in.
Interaction Level

Determines the level of user interaction when the rule is triggered. The options are:

Option Description
Automate Performs the changes to the affected choice without user interaction.
Warn Confirms the changes with the user and allows the user to override the rule.
Error Confirms the change with the user, but does not let the user override the rule.
Interaction Type

The type of change that the rule will trigger. The options are:

Action Description
Exclude Prevents the affected choice from being used.
Include Causes the affected choice to be selected.
Change Qty. Changes the quantity of the affected choice.
Item Category Code The type of item this rule applies to.
Maximum Selected Quantity The maximum quantity of the affected choice required to trigger the rule.
Minimum Selected Quantity The minimum quantity of the affected choice required to trigger the rule.
New Affected Quantity The quantity to apply to the affected choice
New Qty. Calculation Formula Used to calculate the new quantity for the affected choice. See the Child Qty. Calculation Formula field for information on how to define formulas.
Qty. Rounding Precision The rounding precision to use with the quantity change, using NAV conventions (e.g., “0.01” rounds to two decimal places).
Selected Choice Code The specific choice being edited to trigger the rule.
Selected Configuration Option The configuration option that’s being modified to trigger the rule.
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