Configure Windows Scanner for Business Central On Prem

Configure Windows Scanner for Business Central On Prem

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A handheld scanner needs to be provisioned before it can use Warehouse Insight.


The Warehouse Insight desktop client should already be configured and functional before configuring scanners:

Part A – Download CAB files

  1. Make sure the scanner is connected to WiFi and can access the internet site hosting the WHI service.
    To check, open a browser on the scanner and navigate to the following URL:
    (You can also try using the IP address instead of the server name.)
    You should see something similar to the screenshot below:
Web Service
  1. Print out the .cab file barcode report
    1. Open Business Central and search for “DataLogic Device Configuration” in the search bar
    2. In the “WMDM Web Service URL”, replace the yourservername section with the server name (or IP address) and port.
Device Configuration
    1. Print out the report.
Device Configuration
    1. Open Internet Explorer (or any browser you have) on the scanner, clear the address bar and scan the WMDM barcode into the URL Bar.
    2. With each scan, accept the download and install to the default directory.
    3. Repeat for the other two barcodes only for Falcon (Windows Embedded) scanners. Other scanners (Windows CE) only require the WMDM CAB.
      You can use the MyMobiler to connect the scanner with your desktop/share the screen of the scanner. (Only for Windows Embedded)
      (If you are able to connect the scanners to the desktop through USB, then you just drag and drop the files.)

Part B – Set Decoding Format

  1. Set decoding format on the scanner.
    Set prefix to < Set suffix to >
    Leave Data Separator blankSteps for Falcon Scanners
    Go to Start > Settings > Systems > Decoding > Configure > General > FormattingSteps for Skorpio Scanners
    Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Decoding > Configure > General > Formatting

    *Depending on the scanner you have, the path of the setting will be different.

Decoding Properties
  1. The type of barcode being used must also be enabled in:
    Configure > 1D/2D Bar Codes > [barcode type]
Decoding Properties
  1. For Code 39 it may be necessary to disable full ASCII conversion:
    Configure > 1D/2D Bar Codes > Code 39
Decoding Properties

Part C – Configure Scanner

  1. Print out barcodes for scanner configuration. Or manually type it in on the WMDM Configuration screen.
    a. Open Business Central and search for “PDA Configuration Label” in the search bar.
    b. Select the following settings:
Configuration Label

(If the web service field is empty, you will need to fill it in.)

    1. Print the report and scan the combined barcode in the following screen on the scanner:
      *Make sure decoding format in step 3 is set before you scan the barcodes. If the decoding format is not set, the barcodes will not scan properly. *
  1. When the scanner reloads, if the connection was successful the application icons will appear.
  1. Test the scanner by opening the Inquiry module, and scanning an Item barcode.
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