How to use the Shop Floor Production Order job report as your default production order job card report

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Shop Floor Insight supplies an example Production Order Job Card report that supplies barcodes that can be used for collecting manufacturing time.  These steps describe how to configure Business Central to use this sample report.

Note: it’s typical for manufacturing facilities to have customized job card reports.   If you have a customized Production Order Job Card report make sure to use your customized report number instead of our sample barcode report.

Navigate to “Report Selections Production Order”

Report Selections Production Order

Set “Usage” to “Job Card”.   The standard Business Central production order job card report is 99000762 “Prod. Order – Job Card”.

Report Selections Production Order

Change the “Report ID” to 23044108, it should then fill in the default caption of “Shop Floor Production Order”.

Report Selections Production Order

To test, navigate to a released production order, and choose “Production Order Job Card”.

Production Order Job Card

You should then see “Shop Floor Production Order” in the title of the report.

Shop Floor Production Order

You should then see barcodes in our sample production order job card report.

Setup Time Barcode
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