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Use Address Validation

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Address Validation allows you to configure Dynamic Ship’s validation behavior to your needs and is available for Dynamic Ship 2.6 and newer. If you validate addresses more than you label, EasyPost may begin charging you for validation or reach out to you to get you set up on a plan.

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Ship Setup page in Business Central.
  2. Go to the Address Validation
  3. Set the following fields as required:
    • Manual Address Validation Behavior
    • Automated Address Validation Behavior
    • Validate on Get Label
    • Validate on Freight Quote
    • Validation on Sales Order and Quote Release
    • Validate on Outbound Transfer Order Release
    • Validate on Service Order Release
    • Validate on Purchase Return Order Release
    • Address Update Acceptance Behavior
    • Address Validation Automated Corrections
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