Use Address Validation

Use Address Validation

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Address Validation allows you to configure Dynamic Ship’s validation behavior to your needs and is available for Dynamic Ship 2.6 and newer. If you validate addresses more than you label, EasyPost may begin charging you for validation or reach out to you to get you set up on a plan.

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Ship Setup page in Business Central.
  2. Go to the Address Validation
  3. Set the following fields as required:
    • Manual Address Validation Behavior
    • Automated Address Validation Behavior
    • Validate on Get Label
    • Validate on Freight Quote
    • Validation on Sales Order and Quote Release
    • Validate on Outbound Transfer Order Release
    • Validate on Service Order Release
    • Validate on Purchase Return Order Release
    • Address Update Acceptance Behavior
    • Address Validation Automated Corrections

Address Update Acceptance Behavior

Address validation can handle address validation errors in different ways depending on what is needed. The Address Update Acceptance behavior determines what to do with any of the returned corrections. If you choose Never Update, no corrections are applied, and the user sees how the address failed validation. Any corrections applied are ignored, and the original address is accepted as correct.

  • Prompt: Asks the user whether they want to update the order address with the corrections. The source of the order’s address can be updated (e.g., When dealing with a sales order, you could opt to update the customer or the Ship-to address the order came from).
  • Update Order: Automatically update the order without updating the order’s address source.
  • Update Order and Source: Automatically update the order and the order’s address source.
  • Address Validation: Applies automated corrections. A common correction is to correct the Postal/ZIP Code and street address abbreviations. You can choose to:
    • Ignore: Discard the automated corrections.
    • Accept and Show: Accept the corrections and display a message detailing what was updated.
    • Accept Silently: Accept the corrections without a message, and without correcting the order. If no other validation errors occur, the address is accepted as correct in this instance.
    • Accept and Update Order: Accept the corrections, and if no other validation errors occur, update the address on the order.

Additional Information

If an address is updated or validation failed, the update or failure is logged in the activity log. These can be accessed by accessing the activity log page directly (710) or using the related actions in the ribbon of the Freight Integration Provider page.

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  1. Bryan Christian
    Bryan Christian October 31, 2022 at 8:02 am

    “The resulting Address Validation Countries page allows you define all countries the integrator can validate. A blank country code means that it can validate any country. EasyPost includes address validation with label purchases.”
    This is incorrect. The page throws an error if you attempt to create a line with no country code specified.

    • Travis Plett
      Travis Plett April 9, 2024 at 10:40 am

      If you attempt to browse a country before selecting an integration provider code and then cancel out of the country selection, there will be a message about filtering, but it does not stop you from continuing to select EASYPOST as the freight integrator with a blank country code.

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