7. Configure Shifts in Shop Floor Insight

7. Configure Shifts in Shop Floor Insight

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This section provides the basic setup of shifts and does not go into detailed usage of shifts in the system. A minimum of one shift in the system is needed even if you do not plan on using features available for Shifts. The Setup Wizard imports a rapidstart file that creates an MF8 sample shift.

Shifts can be used for:

  • attendance reporting
  • configuring rounded payroll time
  • calculating overtime
  • automatic breaks
  • tracking shift changes
  • information

Configure Shifts

  1. Navigate to the Shop Floor Shift Pattern page in Business Central.
  2. Select New.
  3. Input the code and description into the corresponding fields at the top.
  4. Input the expected number of hours for each day of the week if you want to calculate overtime.
  1. Choose a day of the week and select Manage.
  2. Select Details.
  1. Adjust for unpaid time (e.g., unpaid breaks, unpaid lunch, or other unpaid attendance time):
    1. Split the day into separate time slots.
    2. Choose an activity code with a default unpaid paycode for the unpaid time.
  2. Repeat steps to 7  for each work day.
  1. Choose the shift code and day to copy from, and then the destination shift code and day to copy to.
  2. Repeat step 9 for each work day.

When complete, the Expected Regular Time (Hours) in the top right should reflect the total expected regular hours for the week before overtime applies, and the expected Attendance time should total the expected overall attendance time for the week.

If a worker has unpaid break time, unpaid lunches, or other unpaid activities, the expected attendance time may exceed the expected regular paid time.

Configure Shifts
Shop Floor Shift Pattern List
Shop Floor Shift Pattern Card
Shop Floor Shift Pattern
Pattern Card
Shop Floor Shift Pattern Details
Pattern Details
Pattern Card
Copy Form
Pattern Card
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