Configure DocXtender Setup

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From Microsoft Office 365 Business Central, DocXtender can be configured manually for a custom setup.

Note: Before configuring DocXtender, ensure the proper permissions have been set; see Configure DocXtender Permissions for more information.

Configure DocXtender Storage

  1. Search for “DocXtender Setup” in Business Central and open (DocXtender Setup opens).
  2. Define and adjust settings as required (changes are automatically saved):
    • File Storage Behavior: select either Document Attachments (stored internally in Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Document Attachments) or SharePoint (stored externally in SharePoint).
    • Drop Behavior: Select Silent (no notification) or Confirmation (notification when a document has been attached or uploaded.).
    • Duplicate Behavior: Select one of the following:
      • Prevent (duplicates will not be attached or uploaded)
      • Rename Automatically (duplicates will be renamed)
      • Rename Prompt (user will be prompted to rename duplicate; not supported by SharePoint option)
      • Replace (duplicates overwrite existing file; not supported by Document Attachment option)
    • SharePoint Host: Input your company’s host (e.g., usually set to “[yourcompanyname]”).
      • Note: DocXtender currently only supports SharePoint online hosts. You cannot specify a self-hosted SharePoint server here.
    • SharePoint Site: Input the site name to upload documents to (optional, but recommended).
    • SharePoint Folder: Input the parent folder name documents will upload to on the SharePoint Site previously specified (optional, but recommended).
Note: SharePoint Host, SharePoint Site, and SharePoint Folder are only necessary if File Storage Behavior is set to SharePoint.
Note: If you are using the SharePoint attach option, disable the browser’s popup blocker, or add the SharePoint redirect link to the list of allowed popups. If you do not, the SharePoint redirect will not work, and you will receive an error message.

DocXtender Setup

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