Item Planning Review

Item Planning Review

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The Item Planning Review page allows you to see your average inventory usage by item in a defined period, provides the ability to view and edit SKU/Item planning parameters, and consolidates navigation to certain Business Central availability and usage pages.

  1. Navigate to Item Planning Review in Business Central.
  2. Set the following fields as needed:
    • Period
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Item Prod. Posting Group
    • Item Category
    • Item Location
    • Minimum Average Usage
    • Maximum Average Usage
    • Reordering Policy
  3. Select Process and select Generate.

A row is returned for each inventory item in the company that satisfies the field values in the Filter Settings page part. Each row displays the current planning parameter values for the item (from the Item card) with expected values in the Inventory and Sales (Qty.) columns for the specified Start Date – End Date (inclusive) date range. The fields in the planning page part (visible after running the Generate action) along the bottom update to display the values in the corresponding fields on the Item card of the item in the selected row.

For information on calculated expression value capabilities, see Expression Evaluator.

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