Setting Inventory Count Card As-Of-Date

Setting Inventory Count Card As-Of-Date

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One of the key tools we have in the count module is the Inventory As-of-Date. Unlike in standard NAV we don’t freeze the inventory when generating the count sheets.

The advantage of this is that you can start planning you inventory counts in advance, and it doesn’t lock the expected quantity to that moment in time.

  • The Inventory as-of-date controls which transaction are included in the discrepancy reporting.
  • Transaction posted in NAV after the as-of-date are ignored.
    • For example, if using Bin Mandatory locations, an inaccurate count can cause issues even if posting is done after the as-of-date.
      • NAV expects 10 of the items in the bin.
      • Employee counts 4. This would result in a negative adjustment of 6 from the bin.
      • If a shipment is posted for 6 after the as-of-date, leaving 4 in the bin. You would not be allowed to post the inventory adjustment, as it will result in a negative bin quantity.
  • If you do use the Inventory as-of-date and you prepare you count sheets in advance. One thing you would do is Recalculate Differences.
Inventory Count Card
    • This function is used to update count differences if:
      • The as-of-date has changed
      • Transactions have occurred before the as-of-date, but after count lines have been added
    • This is useful for people who need to pre-plan/pre-generate sheets before the count date
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