4. Configure Special Permissions in Shop Floor Insight

4. Configure Special Permissions in Shop Floor Insight

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Shop Floor Insight provides the ability to fine tune functional permissions with both standard Business Central permission sets, as well as with a ‘Function Permissions’ feature.

Function Permissions

  1. Navigate to Shop Floor Function Permission.
  2. Create a row for the following if not already done:
    1. Yourself if you are configuring the system.
    2. Every user configuring Shop Floor Insight.
    3. The device service account to be used for the Shop Floor Insight to connect to Business Central web services.
  3. Check all available boxes in the rows.
Function Permissions
Shop Floor Function Permission

Permission Sets

Shop Floor Insight installs six different permission sets when the Business Central extension is installed:

  • SFI-POST: assign to users posting time cards.
  • SFI-QUALITY: assign to users configuring, designing, and analyzing Quality Inspections.
  • SFI-SAFETY: intended for on-premise versions of Shop Floor Insight.
  • SFI-SERVICE: assign to the service account user.
  • SFI-SETUP: assign to users setting up Shop Floor Insight.
  • SFI-USER: assign to Shop Floor Insight users.

These permission sets are not exclusive permission sets. Ensure to include the required permission sets appropriate to the role. For example, grant basic access needs to all users. If a user is posting time to a job, they need a permission set in Business Central that provides that capability.

Permission Sets
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