12. Export Time in Shop Floor Insight

12. Export Time in Shop Floor Insight

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Time is typically exported to payroll systems through a CSV file. Payroll systems tend to not want time details, and instead tend to prefer having time rolled up per employee, per paycode.

This section gives a very high-level overview of the export process. You will likely need to consult with an Insight Works representative or your partner to either create a customized payroll export codeunit or configure one of the out-of-box solutions.

To identify which payroll export codeunit your system is using, navigate to Shop Floor Setup.

Shop Floor Setup

On the Shop Floor Setup, the “Export Codeunit” section defines which export configuration will be used. The remainder of this section uses an out of box, un-customized “23044129”, which can be used to generate basic CSV files.

Shop Floor Setup

With “23044129” configured as the export codeunit, a special action called “Configure ADP Export” should be available in the action bar, select it.

The top section defines overall ADP configuration, such as the Co Code, batch file format, current ADP batch sequence, and other typical CSV configuration.

On a fresh install the ‘default’ configuration should be close to a typical ADP file import. Columns can then be defined to include total hours, paycodes, etc.… for different groups of earning filters. Work with your consultant to create a configuration that matches the needs of your payroll system.

Export Setup

After the export codeunit is configured, navigate to “Posted Time Card Lines”, only posted time can be exported.

Posted Time Card Lines

Choose “Export”. Posted time card lines have a special flag on each line indicating if the time has been exported in order to reduce the likelihood of re-exporting time that has already been exported. If time was exported in error and needs further corrections, then “Mark as Not Exported” is available as an action as well.

Shop Floor Posted Time Card Lines

The export will process, and if there is time available to export that matches the configuration you’ll be prompted with “Export Finished. Did the file save properly?”. Your web browser should also start downloading a CSV text file if there was time to export.

Export Finished

In our example, the sample CSV export file looks like this. After we’ve reviewed it for accuracy, we choose “Yes” in the prompt in the web browser.

CSV Export File

Choosing “Yes” will mark the time that was exported to avoid re-exporting the time in the future. If you choose “No”, the time will remain un-marked.

At this point upload the payroll export into your payroll system.

This quick start user guide provides very basic initial usage information. It is recommended that you contact your Microsoft Partner or Insight Works representative for training and configuration advice to take advantage of the advanced configuration options in this solution.

Add-ons from Insight Works are integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Some configuration is required. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU REACH OUT TO YOUR MICROSOFT PARTNER OR INSIGHT WORKS FOR IMPLEMENTATION HELP.

Shop Floor Insight
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