Shop Calendar Exceptions

Shop Calendar Exceptions

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The Shop Calendar Exceptions page contains any shop calendar exceptions you have defined for a specific shop calendar. MxAPS uses these exceptions for secondary constraints set in the item card to follow the defined shop calendar exceptions. When an exception record exists for a date, the system considers that date’s exception records and ignores the date’s normal shop calendar working day entries.

For example, if your company normally operates two shifts and you create an exception for the first shift, you must create an exception entry to cover the second shift times as well. This prevents confusion or ambiguity that could result from a day’s overlapping time ranges.

Create an exemption

  1. Create a new record.
  2. Choose the shop calendar code the exception applies to.
  3. Choose the date the exception occurs on.
  4. Enter the starting and ending times on the date the record applies to.
  5. Enter the quantity of the item that is available on the exception date between the times listed.

Shop Calendar Exceptions Tooltips

Field/Control Name Caption ToolTip
Shop Calendar Code Shop Calendar Code Specifies the shop calendar code this exception applies to.
Date Date Specifies the date of the exception. Any times from the working days for this shop calendar code are overridden by the entries for this date.
Starting Time Starting Time Specifies the starting time of the record on this date.
Ending Time Ending Time Specifies the ending time of the record on this date.
Available Resources Available Resources Specifies the quantity of the item available between the starting and ending times on this date.
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