11. Posting Shop Floor Data in Shop Floor Insight

11. Posting Shop Floor Data in Shop Floor Insight

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This section is a very high-level overview of posting time and shop floor data. Shop Floor Insight provides options to change production order costing, and optionally apply overtime costs to production orders.


  • To Post time you must have the “Post” function permission selected for your user ID.
  • You must have the appropriate Business Central permission sets to post to the document type that you have collected time with. For example, if you are collecting time for production orders, then you must have enough Business Central permission sets to allow posting production orders. Shop Floor Insight does not replace this permission setup.

Ensure your user has the “Post” flag checked as a pre-requisite in Shop Floor Function Permissions.

Shop Floor Function Permission

Navigate to “Time Cards”.

Time Cards

To post multiple cards at once, filter to the approved time cards only. Quick filters can be available on the left as depicted below if the Shop Floor Insight Approver role center is used, otherwise quickly filtering to “Approved” cards will work. Unapproved time cannot be posted.

Approved Cards

Further filters can be applied if necessary. After the time cards have been filtered, choose “Post” from the action list. This will attempt to post all time cards within the current filter.

Approved Cards

A prompt will start asking to post the time card lines, choose “Yes”.

Choose Yes

If any Business Central errors occur, then posting will stop and will need to be resolved. Once a card is posted, it will be converted into a “Posted Time Card”. Posted time is available to export.

To review a posted time card, navigate to “Posted Time Cards”.

Posted Time Cards

Choose the posted card for review.

Posted Cards

The view of a posted time card will appear very similar to an unposted time cards, except that a posted time card is not editable.

Posted Time Card

Time for each document type will be posted accordingly to chosen document. Time entries to production orders can be viewed on the production order by navigating to “Capacity Ledger Entries” (a standard Business Central screen).

Released Production Order

To post finished goods output, navigate to the appropriate output journal in Business Central, and post the journal itself.

Output recorded in a batch from the Shop Floor does not automatically post when the time card is posted, and time from a time card does not automatically post when finished goods are recorded. This allows optimized shipping and warehousing processes by providing the ability to review and post material output faster than time approval and payroll processes.

Like output, manual material consumption recorded on the Shop Floor must also be posted by navigating to the Consumption Journal in Business Central.

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