Price Overrides

Price Overrides

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The Price Overrides in Insight Works Counter Sales allows prices to easily be adjusted during the order entry process.

To configure Price Overrides navigate to the Counter Sales Setup page. On the page, you can specify the Price Override Behavior to either:

  • No Code Required
  • User Code Required

When set to ‘No Code Required’ the price can be adjusted without any checks. When set to ‘User Code Required’ the price can only be adjusted by entered a valid user code and logging the price override details. To specify user codes navigate to the Counter Sales Users page and enter the Price Override Code for the applicable users.

To access the price override logging when Price Override Behavior is set to ‘User Code Required’ simply adjust the Unit Price Excl. Tax, Line Discount %, or Line Amount Excl. Tax fields on the Counter Sales Order page. If the entered value is different than the current value the Counter Sales Price Override Entry page will open. If the current user is set up with a Price Override Code they will not need to enter their user code otherwise a valid user code needs to be entered to proceed. Once the adjustment is authorized the user can log details by selected a standard reason or entering general comments.

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