RAW Printing Support

RAW Printing Support

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PrintNode Connector version 2.2.7702.0 and up provides developers with extensible support to send RAW printing commands to a printer through the PrintNode service.

Retrieve PrintNode Connector Symbols

Before starting, ensure PrintNode Connector is installed (see Install and Uninstall PrintNode Connector). Once PrintNode Connector is installed, you can download the symbols and use the RAW printing function. Complete the following to obtain the symbols:

  1. Create an AL project in Visual Studio Code.
  2. Set the launch.json file in the project to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central sandbox.
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  1. Include the PrintNode Connector and IWorks Common extensions as dependencies in the dependencies portion of the app.json file.
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  1. Input AL: Download Symbols into the search window (downloads the symbol file from the sandbox into the .alpackages project folder).

RAW Printing Function

The RAW printing function is contained in Codeunit “IWX PrintNode API Mgt.”.


This function sends the RAW printing request to the PrintNode service. The following parameters are in order of the function signature.

Parameter Type Input Comment
piPrinterID Integer PrintNode Printer ID Specifies the PrintNode Printer ID where the RAW printing request is sent.
psPrintJobTitle Text Print job title Specifies the print job title sent with the RAW printing request. This is the name that appears in the operating system’s print queue.
psRawText Text Raw print text Specifies the string of commands to send as the RAW printing request.
piPrintJobQty Integer Print job quantity Specifies the number of times the print job should be delivered to the print queue. For the RAW printing request, this is the total number of copies to print.

Sample Extension

The following is a sample extension where an action is added to the IWX PrintNode Printer List page to trigger the RAW printing request. The action opens a worksheet page for the user to input the RAW printing commands to send with the request.

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