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Print Settings

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Use the Print Settings page to view the default print settings for the printer or the print settings for the printer and specific report. Use the Print Setting page to edit the print settings.


Field Name/Caption Tooltip
Printer ID Specifies the ID of the PrintNode printer.
Printer Name Specifies the name of the PrintNode printer.
Report ID When applicable, specifies the object ID of the report. To specify the default print settings for the printer, Report ID’s value must be zero.
Report Caption When applicable, specifies the display name of the report.
Use Print Setting When set to yes, the print setting is used when printing the report from the PrintNode printer, or as the default for reports if the report ID is zero. When set to no, the print setting is not used.
Paper Size Specifies the supported paper size to use when printing the report from the PrintNode printer. We recommend setting the paper size to match the report. For example:

  • If the report is letter size, set to the corresponding supported paper size code.
  • If the report is a label, set to the supported paper size code to match the label size.
Orientation Specifies the paper orientation when printing the report from the PrintNode printer. The default is portrait and can be changed to landscape.
Number of Copies Specifies the number of copies to print each time. The minimum value is 1; a value of 1 prints 1 iteration of the report. Increase its value accordingly to print multiple copies.
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