Graphical Scheduler – Setup guide

Graphical Scheduler – Setup guide

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Graphical Scheduler provides a drag-and-drop interface for production order routing lines. Production schedulers can change the work center, machine center, or starting time on a routing line.

This page describes how to configure Graphical Scheduler.

Setup Wizard

After Graphical Scheduler App is installed on your system, complete the following for initial configuration. Running the setup wizard should only be done once.

  1.  Navigate to Graphical Scheduler Setup Wizard.
  2. Select I agree to the terms and conditions and select Next.
  3. Select Apply Getting Started Data (downloads the rapidstart data and applies it in Business Central).

Permissions Set

When Graphical Scheduler is installed, you now have the Graphical Scheduler permission set. This permission set gives you the ability to use Graphical Scheduler and its related pages. You must also have sufficient permissions to read and write to a production order routing line. Assign this permission set to give users access to Graphical Scheduler in Business Central.

Permissions Set

Other Considerations

Once the Setup Wizard has run and the permission set has been assigned to users, you can use Graphical Scheduler in Business Central.

Here are a few considerations prior to using the scheduler:

  • Graphical Scheduler is a tool to assist production in the manufacturing module of Business Central; Graphical Scheduler does not replace the Business Central scheduling functionality.
  • You must have your production and manufacturing configured to effectively use Graphical Scheduler. For more information on:
    • Required configuration for Manufacturing in Business Central, visit Microsoft.
    • Manufacturing process in Business Central, visit Microsoft.
    • Production Planning in Business Central, visit Microsoft.

Settings Specific to Graphical Scheduler

There is no requirement for users to modify these settings prior to using Graphical Scheduler. The Graphical Scheduler Setup page lists general Graphical Scheduler settings and is where the user can configure the following settings:

    • Number of rows to display
    • Maximum amount of time cells to display
    • How to automatically adjust the end date in the filter.

The Graphical Scheduler Views page allows for the creation of different views of Graphical Scheduler. These are accessible to any user with access to Graphical Scheduler. Different time scales with different time periods can be configured for each view. The user can toggle which view to display when viewing Graphical Scheduler.

Graphical Scheduler Views
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