Sharing Your Device Screen to Your Computer

Sharing Your Device Screen to Your Computer

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During training or demos you may wish to show your device screen on your computer’s monitor or over a web meeting. There are applications for both Android and Windows devices to support this.

Sharing Windows Device Screens

The simplest solution for sharing a screen from a Windows device running Windows Embedded Handheld, Windows CE, or Windows Embedded Compact, is to use MyMobiler. MyMobiler is a free tool that is installed with the on-premises version of Warehouse Insight, or is available to download from this article. To install MyMobiler on the device, you can also use the device’s web browser to go to

Sharing Android Screens

There are numerous options for sharing the screen of your Android device, including Teams, GotoMeeting, Join.Me, Zoom, and others. These apps generally allow you to share the screen wirelessly without requiring any physical connection to the computer at any point. There is also a free, open source tool called “scrcpy” that performs many of the same screen sharing and control capabilities as the paid applications, but requires an initial physical connection from the device to the computer (and after that can work wirelessly).

Download the scrcpy files here: To use it, simply extract the zip files into a new folder on your computer and follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable.
  2. Turn “USB Debugging” on – see this article for details on how to do that:
  3. Run scrcpy.bat to use some preset settings, or run scrcpy.exe for default settings.
  4. Scrcpy will display your device screen on the computer for you to view or control.

To view the screen wirelessly, you can use the included “scrcpy_remote.bat” file with these steps:

  1. Connect the device as above.
  2. Obtain the device’s IP address. You can find this in Android settings, or from the “About” menu in Warehouse Insight or WMS Express.
  3. Run the “scrcpy_remote.bat” file.
  4. The system will prompt you for an IP address. Type in your device’s IP address and press enter.
  5. Scrcpy will now show your device’s screen.
  6. Disconnect the USB cable to view the screen wirelessly.

The “_Keyboard Shortcuts.txt” file provides a list of commands that can be used to control the device, including copying and pasting text. The “_Command Line Help.txt” file provides startup options for scrcpy that can be used to control its behavior. These can be added to batch files like the sample “scrcpy.bat”

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