Attaching Documents from the Scanner

Attaching Documents from the Scanner

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There are times where you may need to create custom handling for documents, images, or signatures captured by the handheld device. Warehouse Insight 2.2 provides a mechanism to create a custom handler for files sent to Business Central from the handheld device.

To create a test handler, first create a new menu item that allows you to select an image from the device:

The “Standard Action” in the above menu allows the user to select a media file from the device. This action could also be set to “Take Picture” if you’d prefer to launch the camera.

Sample code to handle the file upload is below. This example takes the file and adds it as a document attachment to the record specified in the RecordID parameter.

Note that if you have DocXtender enabled to manage Warehouse Insight documents, it will also respond to the event and store the document.

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