Changing the production schedule of an operation

Changing the production schedule of an operation

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This section explains how users can update the production schedule of production orders in the Graphical Scheduler.

  • Before dragging and dropping for the first time make sure:
  • The user account has proper licensing. For example, if you are changing production details you must be assigned a ‘Premium’ license.
  • Your user account has sufficient permission sets applied to write to production data.
  • The data source for the production order routing lines has the “Update Mode” field set to “Allow Writes”, this is the default and can be customized.
  • When dragging and dropping production order routing lines, that the lines are not configured as ‘Finished’.
  • When dragging and dropping production order routing lines, that the production order is not in the ‘Finished’ state.
  1. Navigate to the “Graphical Scheduler”
  2. With the operation visible on screen, select the operation with the mouse.
  3. Using a “Drag and drop” technique, move the operation to the date/time, Machine Center and/or Work Center desired.
  4. Once the operation is in the desired cell in the scheduler, release the left mouse button to save the modification.
  5. Business Central will then process the change, automatically re-scheduling based on the target.
  6. There are a few other conditions required for this to be possible:
    1. The Production Order needs to be in a “Released” state
    2. The operation cannot be “Completed”

If Business Central cannot make the desired modification, the user will be presented with a message with an explanation from Business Central; for example (and not limited to) if you do not have sufficient permission, or if there are conflicting reservations, or if the routing status is already finished, or if the production order is already finished, or if there is no calendar time calculated available for that work center.

Any schedule modification done in the Graphical Scheduler on production order routing lines will have the same result if the user had made the modification directly on the production order routing line in Business Central; the Graphical Scheduler is updating the “Starting Date-Time” field for the operation in question and the target Machine or Work center. If other production operations are also modified automatically as a result of the desired modification, it is because of inherent Business Central logic.

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